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On the surface, first and foremost, this webcomic is meant to be funny. But with this being political humor, certain context into contemporary happenings is needed. Unlike all the other politically-based comics know, however, triggerhappy tends to put little to no explanation of the yeast infection side effects context in the comic itself, using lengthy commentary and links outside of the comic as yeast infection side effects a crutch. People should not have to do work just to crack yeast infection side effects a smile at a three panel strip. And without precious context, all triggerhappy has to offer is funny faces and hyperactivity, things accomplished by every single boom!Box comic, and many a calarts cartoon.

For a strip to claim to support freedom of voice yeast infection side effects and individuality, the nature of the punchlines are mind crushingly uniform. They’re always some form of "ooh, lookit how mean the ugly sjws (or related tangents) are. We (kukuruyoart and whoever he happens to like) are so smart and handsome and kind by comparison!" or occasionally he’ll just throw in nonsense memes which age about as yeast infection side effects well as miley cyrus twerking to "blurred lines". What’s that you say? These memes are what all true gamers strive for? I know! I just wonder what kuku is up to…

And then another few strips are effectively jokeless. Here’s one with catalnoa and spanish police as wrestlers. And that’s it. A setup without any zinger punchline. The author doesn’t even have any stance on that particular issue, so why did he waste his oh so precious time yeast infection side effects on that non-joke? Here’s another where its just his new brown piece of yeast infection side effects ass handpuppet laughing in spanish. And that’s it. Learn to laugh in english ya savage illegal!

While kukuruyoart may try to use "its just a silly comic" as a shield against criticism, its clear that he wants his messages taken seriously, be noticed, and spread about. He once made a big cringey butthurt article on his yeast infection side effects own site about his totes serious motives. He tells direct messages to the readers without jokes. In his smug commentary he tries to sound like some yeast infection side effects great masterful defender of free western media. He’s bragged about "gamergate isn’t dead" in several instances. His comments from readers are filled with people getting angry yeast infection side effects over real life events they take completely seriously. So guess what kuku? You can take your "eets jus ah seellee comick" defense and shove it where the sun don’t shine. You can’t have your kek and eat it too.

Now, I am willing to believe he might be in the yeast infection side effects right about gaming journalism, game conventions, and all that other inane junk the bloated gaming industry yeast infection side effects grew out of its ass like fungal infections. I’m too poor to have a stake in that (I’m in the middle of playing suikoden 5…SUIKODEN!) so I’ll trust kuku is something of an expert there. But in any other area, he will appear inexperienced ( like not realizing busses have seat reserved for the handicapped) or very desperately reaching ( here he thinks two rant videos qualify something as a yeast infection side effects "controversy" worthy of his time and "talent".) and grid girls? Come on, those are inane to racing as cheerleaders to football, and their salary, inconclusive, and seeing as how cheerleaders were paid below minimum wage, I would not get my hopes up.

A great example of kuku’s clueless buffoonery is this strip here. He thinks that invaders don’t influence nations. Wrong-o. Spain had become extra militant as a result of fighting yeast infection side effects moors for centuries. The language, culture, and even royal bloodlines of england had been affected by yeast infection side effects norman and saxon invaders. West germany, japan and the philippines had been changed by US occupation. Rome and greece have had international influence lasting long after yeast infection side effects their empires collapsed.

The second part is where he claims "T’challa is more nationalist and isolationist than trump". How’s that? The big attention grabbing MCU movie had T’challa go against traditional wakanda isolationism, and reach out to the rest of the world. More importantly, in the many years of comic, game and animation appearances, T’challa is constantly helping out non-wakanda characters, joining in on avengers, ultimates, illuminati and the crew, and a few times even accepted help from non-wakanda characters to help wakanda.

Indeed, when it comes to comics, it would appear as if he’s only being spoonfed comicsgate videos,such as claiming kamala khan was being used to promote yeast infection side effects hillary clinton in the 2016 election. One: HRC was not in any kamala khan comic in any yeast infection side effects way, shape or form. Two: kamala was not even supporting either candidate real or fictional, just giving viable information about voting in america.

He has a repeated hate boner on "muh forced diversity" in comics, but how does that work exactly? The experimental purge marvel tried out on its big name yeast infection side effects characters from 2014-2017 has been completely undone. Marvel and DC comics are mostly centered on modern day, large american cities which is home to peoples of all yeast infection side effects colors, shapes, sizes, sexualities, languages and creeds. Are new characters reflecting this reality not allowed to be yeast infection side effects created? Perhaps kuku’s tiny brain would be fried by character diversity of yeast infection side effects decades past. A chinese batgirl? That was done with cassandra cain in the 90s. Mexican-irish spider-man? Miguel O-hara, also from the 90s. A lesbian native american superhero? Sarah rainmaker from, you guessed it, the 90s. Black woman captain marvel? Monica rambeau from the 70s! Obese woman hero that didn’t instantly die from a heart attack? Big bertha from the 80s. And if goofy sidekicks count, then etta candy from the FUCKING FORTIES! A fat purple haired bespectacled socialist girl? Gertrude yorkes from 2003, yes you read that right, there are TWO zeroes in between!

There are of course, a collection of characters who serve either as mouthpieces for yeast infection side effects the author, or strawmen for the mouthpieces to foil. Most of them were introduced in these three comics. They are exceedingly flat and one dimensional, have word puns for names, and aren’t even worth the effort of putting up profile pictures yeast infection side effects here.

Vivian james- A bored jaded looking college student who just wants to yeast infection side effects play games, yet keeps willfully putting herself into political discussions, even when they’re not remotely related to gaming. Doesn’t do much beyond make small verbal snipes at sjws.

Mio- A parody of milo yiannopolous, which is many levels of bizarre, since kukuruyo has already drawn milo yiannopolous numerous times in yeast infection side effects this comic. Seems his only purpose is to show that even gays yeast infection side effects can dislike sjws. So he’s just a diversity buddy, like natalia. How paradoxically SJW-like of you, kukuruyoart.

Connie brooks- the comicsgate representative who for some reason only likes white yeast infection side effects male characters. She only knows about the superhero genre, and doesn’t even know that very well, if she naively thinks big famous characters in marvel stay yeast infection side effects dead. And is lesbians with natalia, maybe

T. Ryger- an obese purple haired tumblr idiot that likes making up yeast infection side effects pronouns. Oddly enough, the one time she is shown eating, she’s chowing down not on sweets, but a big meat sandwich. Does kukuruyoart have some kind of vegan agenda going on yeast infection side effects to the side?

Victoria timm- shows off the hyppocrisy of sjws hating men no matter yeast infection side effects what, and playing the victim card while bullying others. Fair points, but I think it falls flat, given all the times kukuruyoart plays the victim card whenever yeast infection side effects it suits him.

Kukuruyoart excels at drawing shiny anime boobs and butts. Kuku and his swarm of sycophants will gladly inform me yeast infection side effects that shiny anime boobs and butts are the greatest achievement yeast infection side effects possible in human civilization. That’s fine. That’s wonderful. Unfortunately, kukuruyoart will falter at anything outside of shiny anime boobs yeast infection side effects and butts. He does not have any aptitude at drawing older people yeast infection side effects or children or crowds of people, or buildings, or plants or vehicles, or detailed backgrounds and its especially noticeable in triggerhappy, where even hardcore fans admit he slacks off.

Most other political based webcomics at least cared about their yeast infection side effects topics enough to put out their best, for whatever that’s worth. Diversity lane, sinfest, and vegan artbook could peddle their nonsense in a visually yeast infection side effects appealing manner. Kuku’s art in triggerhappy is pure shitpost, with the value of rapidly rusting pennies. Why doesn’t he "get gud" with his own comic art? Take a moment and compare it with his commissions:

Kuku’s lazy art in the webcomic suggests he doesn’t care so much about the social political happenings he’s attempting to lampoon. In triggerhappy, the hastily-drawn figures are badly proportioned, have squashed faces often with no noses and oversized lips, occasionally lopsided, with globs of cel shading amid empty void backdrops. And sometimes he likes to do copypasta. Holy tom tomorrow, batman! This makes his attempts to rag on tumblr or calarts yeast infection side effects styles ring hollow.

I can speculate wildly from what he posts, but nothing concrete on his personal life, other than he lives in spain. His online personality can get quite irreverent from posting spoilers yeast infection side effects on a movie just because he considers the genre predictable, to making a joke out of notre dame burning. On occasion kukuruyo also twists works to fit his narrative, like claiming that fahrenheit 451 was about private citizens censoring yeast infection side effects and deplatforming. That may have been mentioned in the novel, but its greater focus was on people becoming shallow with yeast infection side effects short attention spans, and actual government persecution. Or there’s this zinger that lacks self awareness since I never yeast infection side effects seen him say gamergate was capable of any wrongs.

Indeed, he has a well confirmed taste for monster girls, AKA, exotic humans with animal parts attached. Holy homestuck, batman! He also has a growing taste in BDSM bondage, which suggests a hunger for personal power and control. I should know, since I myself have a similar taste, with an absurdly large, well organized, well backed up collection. Go on, try calling me a prude now!

Kukuruyoart’s attitude is more SJW-like than he’s willing to admit, with his deliberately seeking things to get mad at, politicizing everything, things no one made him read or watch. He’ll complain that "sjws ruined" things he never before shown any interest in. All of which greatly contrasts with the early gamer gate yeast infection side effects attitude of "I just want to play games, quit politicizing things". The title "triggerhappy" could very well be applied to him and his ilk. He could even be considered tom preston-like with his habit of hiding behind female characters he yeast infection side effects made up. What’s wrong? Ashamed of your own white male-ness? He also strikes me as insecure with all the times yeast infection side effects he has to convince his followers (or himself) that "gamergate isn’t dead". 4th anniversary? Big deal, I can still see "freedom loving" people fly a certain flag created by southern democrats 150 yeast infection side effects years ago. Wake me when ya reach that milestone, double G. If gamergate was as alive as it ever was then yeast infection side effects you wouldn’t have to glomp onto comicsgate and a bunch of yeast infection side effects other unrelated, useless gates. I suppose next he’ll be praising pizzagate and deflategate.

This webcomic does have value from certain angles. People who are desperate for un-PC humor. Or people happily frolicking deep down the 4chan kek hole yeast infection side effects which this webcomic often panders to. Or people that are just desperate to see the autistic-SJW-commie-PC-faggot-soyboy-cuck-mangina-NPC-whatever-they’re-being-called-this-week get bashed.