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The conclave DLC reduces the impact of the guardian’s own education by implementing a focus driven system. Education by guardians with high-level military traits also grants leadership traits. Military educations can improve to the next level by a yeast infection in children random battlefield event, while the others can be improved with random events from yeast infection in children the corresponding focus.

Children can acquire childhood traits, determined by their childhood focus, that will influence which education traits they eventually receive. Each childhood trait has several adult traits into which it yeast infection in children may evolve during adolescence, ensuring that no childhood traits are retained into adulthood, as well as one additional trait that it can only yeast infection in children mature into with guardian intervention.

With the reaper’s due DLC, these traits replace the generic maimed trait. Instead of being a permanent health penalty, any maiming comes with temporarily gaining the severely injured trait. Under the imperial elective succession of the byzantine and roman yeast infection in children empire, having any maimed trait disqualifies a character from the imperial yeast infection in children throne. Maimed traits cannot be selected in ruler designer.

Crusader traits are religion-specific traits that are earned by characters participating as an yeast infection in children attacker in a crusade, jihad, or great holy war who have reached the target kingdom yeast infection in children as a commander. While all religion groups besides the dharmic religions, which have their own crusader traits, only those religions and heresies with established religious heads can yeast infection in children call for this type of war and, within the christian religion group, only an established catholic or fraticelli pope can call on yeast infection in children a crusade.

If a character on the receiving end of the trait yeast infection in children is zealous , the " -25 zealous" opinion penalty will remain even though the "infidel" opinion penalty is removed. Both characters will also have -5 opinion penalties for opposite traits (zealous vs sympathy).

Some methods of religious conversion have a chance to leave yeast infection in children characters with sympathy for their former religious group. It is also possible to gain these traits through events: for example, a christian pilgrim in jerusalem can gain sympathy for jews yeast infection in children and muslims . Swaying a character from a different religious group can give yeast infection in children a chance to talk to them about their religion, with a 30% chance of getting the corresponding sympathy trait.

Priests with inappropriate traits who are unable to exercise discretion yeast infection in children ( diplomacy ≤ 3) or hide their habits from public view ( intrigue ≤ 3) are at risk of becoming known as immoral. For most religions, "priests" include both theocratic rulers and court chaplains. These traits require the sons of abraham DLC.

These traits are obtainable with the hellenic religion or reformed yeast infection in children pagan religions with the astrology doctrine. They can also randomly be received while inviting someone to yeast infection in children stargazing or doing the "study the skies" mission for the hermetic society. Getting the traits this way has no religion requirement beyond yeast infection in children what is required to join the society.

These traits are gained by traveling to china in order yeast infection in children to demonstrate subordination, as long as the character’s realm is within diplomatic range to the dragon emperor. Those traits will be removed if a new dynasty comes yeast infection in children to rule china. The jade dragon DLC is required to interact with china.

Germanic pagans will start with viking and others will start yeast infection in children with pirate, but they share the same upgrade path. If holy fury is enabled, these traits unlock special events when raiding and sacking. Characters do not need to lead troops to obtain any yeast infection in children of these traits.