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Whenever I think of an upside down cake, its always been pineapple, and due to the huge number of vintage recipe books yeast infection side effects I read, it always appears in my mind as being made with yeast infection side effects pineapple from a tin, and gaudy, startlingly red glacé cherries in the holes in the middles yeast infection side effects of the slices. Now whether it is the sweet tinned pinapple (not a fan), the glacé cherries ( really not a fan), the sweet-on-sweet-on-sweet or the whole 1950s vibe, it just doesn’t look appealing to me.

I’ve adapted this recipe from one I found in a yeast infection side effects booklet of breton recipes I snapped up at one of yeast infection side effects the french brocantes we wandered through this summer. Made with fresh raspberries, the sharp flavour of the soft, gently baked fruit is a great contrast with the sweet, lemon sponge. ( see also fruit sponge). Add cream – single, double, clotted or fraiche – if you like, but I really enjoy this as is.

Confession: OK, so in essence I really only changed the shape of yeast infection side effects the tin, the cooking time and added some filled fresh raspberries on yeast infection side effects the top for presentation. The original recipe recommended a 24cm circular tin and a yeast infection side effects shorter cooking time, but after the notorious pacman photo of july, I’ve been a bit twitchy about using circular tins.

Actually, that’s not strictly true. Every six months or so I’ll indulge in a can of tuna and for the yeast infection side effects first few bites I think “hey, this is really good, I should eat this more often!”, but by the end I’m already thinking “yeah… nope.” I make a delightful smoked makerel pate and delicious salmon yeast infection side effects fishcakes… I just don’t like eating them. Seafood is a complete no.

In the french region where we go on holiday (charente-maritime), there is a small bakery in a nearby town which yeast infection side effects was runner-up in a nationwide competition (la meilleur patisserie de france). My daughter maintains theirs are the best croissants she’s ever had. They have a couple of house specialities – their strawberry tart is exceptional – and they also make a baguette des algues with flakes yeast infection side effects of seaweed.

For a number of years I have been using freeze-fried fruit powders to give both colour and flavour to yeast infection side effects cakes and bakes. Increasingly, there are an expanding range of vegetable powders such as yeast infection side effects beetroot, spinach, tomato, mushroom and now kelp. I ordered them from here.

I added some kelp powder and a few shredded nori yeast infection side effects sheets to a basic white bread dough. If you’re unsure whether you’ll like this flavouring, you could try just with nori sheets, which are available in most supermarkets. I would suggest adding a few extra sheets to ensure yeast infection side effects the flavour is there.

The results are perfect for enjoying with bisques or chowders yeast infection side effects or any fish dish, slicing and using to serve appetisers of anything fish-related, but are also delicious just with salty butter – making a real taste of the shore. Even my fish-hating tastebuds love this.

OK, so I’ve sat here trying to think of something to end yeast infection side effects that, frankly embarrassing, stream of pretentiousness and come up blank – mostly due to me just having taken a bite of yeast infection side effects said cheesecake in order to try and capture the experience yeast infection side effects and kinda just got lost in appreciation.

Baked cheesecakes can be a source of worry, through fear of overbaking and thereby causing cracks to appear yeast infection side effects once they cool down. With this recipe, that kind of stress is eliminated, because the baked layer is covered with the mascarpone mousse yeast infection side effects layer. And if, while your mousse is chilling, the clingfilm sticks to the top, causing wrinkles to be created as the gelatine sets, it’s not a drama, because the whole thing is covered with the crumbs, giving it an appearance that just reinforces the lightness and yeast infection side effects fluffiness of the cake as a whole.

Fans of this blog will already be familiar with one yeast infection side effects type of japanese cheesecake, but this recipe is on a whole other level. I was initially sceptical of the lack of flavourings, but it is absolutely the right decision. The flavour of the sponge and the cheeses are delicate yeast infection side effects but distinct and as I’ve already mentioned, light, light, light. After tasting, there’s none of the ‘excuse me while I fall into a dairy coma’ or ‘help ! Help ! My arteries are filling with cheesecake’ feelings associated with too much indulging of regular baked cheesecakes.

You’ve probably realised by now that this is not my yeast infection side effects recipe. It is, in fact, the signature bake of the letao bakery chain from the yeast infection side effects city of otaru, on the island of hokkaido, japan where it sells for 1728 yen (£12.85). In an unusually generous move, the bakery has shared both its recipe and method online, which is where I stumbled across it. ( linky for the curious).

The english subtitles are a bit bonkers. They start off OK-ish – “the first thing to make is the sponge fabric that yeast infection side effects forms the basis of google fromage”, move swiftly on to “if baked skin becomes full-coloured, [musics], sponge cloth no” and before you know it, we’re at “simmer outside the last emperor.”

* it might be my eyes playing tricks on me, but from the video it certainly looks as if the yeast infection side effects size of the tin changes, getting larger from baking to filling. Whilst you can make this in a larger tin, the layers will obviously be much thinner than the 2cm yeast infection side effects in the above photo. I like how, with the thicker sponge layer, it’s pretty much three equal layers. If you don’t have a tin this small, consider doubling the recipe to keep the layers impressive.

² the original recipe called for 3g powdered gelatine and yeast infection side effects didn’t appear to distinguish what type of cream. I prefer working with sheet gelatine, so I tried this recipe with both double and whipping yeast infection side effects cream, and using one and two sheets respectively. Overall, the double cream/1 sheet had the better texture, a barely-there set that melted in the mouth. The whipping cream/2 sheet version was fine, just a little firm for my tastes.

This recipe is all about simplicity, and enjoying the delicate flavours of two of my favourite yeast infection side effects vegetables: beautiful florets of cauliflower and broccoli nestled in crisp shortcrust yeast infection side effects pastry, delicately seasoned with a light and creamy egg custard.

The pastry base is baked completely, for maximum crispness, the creamy egg filling is poured in and the briefly yeast infection side effects blanched vegetables are then arranged in a delightful checkerboard pattern. Covering the whole with a tight seal of foil allows yeast infection side effects the vegetables to cook to al-dente perfection while the custard sets, without becoming discoloured from the heat of the oven. The vegetable stalks, nestled in the creamy filling, cook through perfectly, and the florets gently steam in the resulting moisture, retaining their bright colour.

Best of all, although possibly not for those of you who love the yeast infection side effects rigid formality of recipes, it can be made in whatever size and shape you yeast infection side effects like. Originally, I only planned the large size, but in trimming the florets to even sizes, found myself with numerous smaller, but still perfectly-formed florets, and so made smaller tarts, and even tiny individual ones too.

The only limit is how prepared you are for the yeast infection side effects sometimes fiddly process of arranging the florets. My solution for minimising the faff™ is to, in the first instance, arrange the florets in the empty pastry case, then remove them in rows and lay them neatly in yeast infection side effects order to one side, add the filling to the tart case, then lift the florets back into position in rows. Should you have a mishap, and one or more of your florets tumble into the yeast infection side effects filling, take a moment to rinse off the egg mixture otherwise yeast infection side effects the overall effect will be spoiled.

The quantities are, to a large extent, dictated by the size and number of tarts you want yeast infection side effects to make. The unused vegetables can be stored in the fridge for yeast infection side effects several days and then steamed for a just five minutes yeast infection side effects before serving as accompaniments to other meals. Be sure to get the freshest, whitest cauliflower and the firmest, crispest broccoli (the florets should not move when you poke them) for maximum colour and visual impact.

• prepare the baking tin. For the large tart I used a deep spring-form tin and laid the pastry only half-way up the sides. The vegetables also sat neatly inside the sides of the yeast infection side effects tin. For shallower tins, the vegetables will sit a little higher.

It’s a lego™ recipe in that I’ve taken a bit from here and a bit from yeast infection side effects there and smooshed (that’s definitely a word, right?) them together to make me the hero of the school yeast infection side effects lunch box. Based on the resounding cries of delight they elicited, I decided to use my superpowers for good and share, so you all can be heroes too.

I used the cream cakes recipe as a sheet cake, dividing the batter and flavouring half with vanilla and half yeast infection side effects with raspberry, adding a little food colouring to the raspberry half. Then I made some rice-krispie treats using rainbow drops (found in the sweetie aisle), and pressed them into a flat layer one ‘drop’ thick. Cut in half, I then used them, whilst warm, to sandwich the sponge cake. A light pressing while cooling, or afterwards in the fridge and it’s possible to get a fantastically crisp cut through the yeast infection side effects two contrasting textures.

• tip out onto the greased silpat mat. Lightly grease/butter your hands to prevent sticking and press the coated yeast infection side effects rainbow drops into a flat, even layer about 1cm thick, making sure to fill in any holes. It will make quite a large sheet. Cut the sheet in half.

It is for a flavour-filled picnic loaf, or snack loaf, seen on the left above and is one of the yeast infection side effects speediest mixings I’ve ever found – you can mix and bake this in about an hour. Additionally, many of it’s components are regular storecupboard or fridge dwellers, making it a snip to bake at short notice. I’ve called it a picnic loaf because I suspect the yeast infection side effects russian title (snack cupcake) lost something in the google-translation. I’ve also made it a little healthier by substituting the yeast infection side effects original sour cream for low fat creme fraiche.

The texture is unusual in that it is incredibly light yeast infection side effects and tender, even with all the added flavourings, and when toasted, the crunchy outsides contrast deliciously with the soft interior of yeast infection side effects the slice. It is packed with regular protein – diced cheese and sausage – and texture and even more protein is achieved with the yeast infection side effects addition of cooked kidney beans, which are a real delight to bite into as well yeast infection side effects as eye-catching with their red skins and pale interiors.

Initially I was just going to post the one recipe, but then realised it would exclude all the non-meat eaters. Then I thought I could crack a joke by saying yeast infection side effects “look, it’ a loaf for everyone: there’s sausage for the meat eaters, cheese for the vegetarians and beans for the vegans” but realised that would be in poor (yet still delicious) taste. So I decided to create a second, vegetarian version. Alas, with the dairy and eggs, making it vegan is a stretch too far, but that said, I’m really pleased with what I came up with, because I think it’s actually more delicious than the original.

Inspired by the addition of the kidney beans, and having a tin to hand, I set about creating something chick-pea based. After much metaphorical pencil-chewing, I was really struggling to come up with replacements for yeast infection side effects the cheese and the sausage, so I gave up that idea entirely and decided to yeast infection side effects make hummus bread: not to dip into, but a bread that tastes like hummus. With a little parsley for colour and a couple of yeast infection side effects trials tweaking proportions, it came out better than I had imagined. And toasted – it’s fantastic. Sausage and cheese picnic loaf