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We had to get our donut fix at the office yeast infection side effects first thing this morning….. The donut man truck was nowhere to be found (usually hangs out on the west side of devon on yeast infection side effects hudson or on north side of leadership square). So, I said I’d drive down to the collective and get donuts at yeast infection side effects theo’s.

Man, we collectively decided this type of donut is not for yeast infection side effects us. First, nowhere convenient to park. I’m fine with that, but we all know that’s a perceived and real issue in OKC. I parked (illegally) by hall’s pizza and ran in. Not much in the way of variety. I counted 4 flavors of glazed donuts and 4 flavors yeast infection side effects of filled. At $3 a donut, it was almost $20 for 6. Oh, and I apparently missed the memo that everything at the yeast infection side effects collective is NO CASH. Fortunately I had a card on me.

We got the chocolate with sprinkles (could barely taste the chocolate), strawberry with sprinklers (favorite with everyone, but not enough to desire them again), brown butter vanilla glaze (okay, but not memorable), chocolate hazelnut (we just realized we can’t stand the aftertaste of hazelnuts), and strawberry jam (again, not bad, but the jelly tasted like cheap great value jelly filling).

I was shocked nobody in the office liked any of yeast infection side effects them. Usually there is always someone (or two or three) who has a totally opposite food opinion than myself at yeast infection side effects that moment. But not so with these. We all agreed we will stick to either the donut yeast infection side effects man truck or missy’s when it comes to donuts.

Gotta chime in on theo’s since I was in the area friday morning and yeast infection side effects got to try a donut. First off, for a friday morning at 8am, they seemed to have very little selection as well as yeast infection side effects very little quantity on hand. Now, I’m assuming that they’re not targeting the typical donut customer since their pricing yeast infection side effects and style of donut doesn’t line up with a typical donut shop. They don’t have any donut "rings," so I just got a chocolate donut with sprinkles. Don’t care for sprinkles, but it was the only chocolate donut they had. No filling inside either. So the donut itself was average, not bad but nothing spectacular. And for $3, I really needed it to be spectacular. It was much denser than your normal mom and pop yeast infection side effects shop donut. I consider myself somewhat of a donut connoisseur, as I’ve probably eaten more donuts than anyone on this forum. I’ve eaten at many "gourmet" donut shops around the country, and there’s been a few places that I could justify $3 donuts. Not here though, not even close. Like I said, it wasn’t bad. Just nothing special. To compare it to brown’s would be completely unfair, though. I haven’t had a yeast raised brown’s donut in 5-6 years, but I remember it being one of the worst donuts yeast infection side effects I’ve ever had. I felt like they attempted to deep fry their bread yeast infection side effects dough, glazed it, and tried to pass it off as a donut. The ring wasn’t even a continuously connected ring. It was bread dough that they formed into a ring, they pressed the two ends together to form a circle, then deep fried to keep it connected. Not sure if that makes sense, but it wasn’t a donut from what I recall. Have no idea what they do today for their donuts. I doubt I’ll give theo’s another shot, considering how underwhelmed I was. Hope they get really good business throughout the day, because if not, I can’t imagine their morning customers being enough to keep them yeast infection side effects alive. It was friday morning and the place was dead.

I’d like to hear about the rest of the food yeast infection side effects served here and not a bitch fest about what donuts yeast infection side effects are better and who’s are horrible I went for dinner thursday night and yeast infection side effects tried the following: shaka – hawaiian BBQ chicken, flying pig – mac and cheese with brisket, the fried taco – pulled pork and chicken bacon ranch tacos. For two of us, we ordered way too much food but we wanted to yeast infection side effects try as many things as we could. My favorite so far was shaka. The marinated chicken thighs were great and I can’t wait to try more there. Mac and cheese was pretty good, but I didn’t give the BBQ a fair shot – we’ll try a meat platter next time as all the yeast infection side effects orders before us looked great. The fried taco was interesting, they fill the taco and then fry it with the yeast infection side effects meat inside. They have some interesting options, and surprisingly the chicken bacon ranch was our favorite.

Every seat in the building was filled around 7, but from what we’ve heard it wasn’t near as bad as it was when it first yeast infection side effects opened. The weekend allstars were playing on the patio, so we stuck around and had a couple drinks outside. They had a few servers walking around taking orders and yeast infection side effects we never had to wait. Once people figure out how the concept works I think yeast infection side effects there will be less complaints, but we had a great time and were impressed by yeast infection side effects the build-out.