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When they saw afghanistan, all they could think of was iraq. Indeed, most military thinkers are perennially driven by the tunnel-vision of personal experience; rarely a good thing. Indeed, the generals and colonels managing the foolish, politically driven 2009-12 obama “surge” into afghanistan – what he’d absurdly labeled the “good war” – had few fresh ideas. Convinced, and feeling vindicated, by the myth that baby bush’s 2007-09 iraq surge had “worked,” most commanders knew just what to do and sought to yeast infection side effects replicate these tactics in the utterly dissimilar war in afghanistan. That meant the temporary infusion of some 30,000 extra troops, walling off warring neighborhoods, and plopping small american units among the populace.

Some of us, mostly captains who’d cut our teeth in the worst days of the yeast infection side effects iraq maelstrom, were skeptical from the start. I, for one, had long sensed that the “gains” of that surge were highly temporary, that the U.S. Military had simply bought the fleeting loyalty of sunni insurgents, and that the whole point of the surge – to allow a political settlement between warring sects and ethnicities yeast infection side effects – had never occurred. The later rise of ISIS, breakdown of centralized governance, and rout of the U.S.-trained iraqi army in 2013-14 would prove my point. But that was in the future. From my viewpoint, the legacy of surge 1.0 had really only been another 1,000 or so american troop deaths – including three of my own men – and who knows how many iraqi casualties.

Then again, no one cared what one lowly, if dreamy yet cynical, officer thought anyway. I was a tool, a pawn, a middle-managing “company man” expected to carry out surge 2.0 with discipline and enthusiasm. And so I tried. My team of cavalry scouts raised a dubiously loyal local yeast infection side effects militia, partnered with the often drug-addicted, criminal afghan army and police, and parsed out my squads to live within the local yeast infection side effects villages semi-permanently. That’s when things got weird.

How deep has the rot of corruption, fraud, abuse of power, betrayal of the public trust, blatant criminality and insiders protecting the guilty penetrated america’s key public and private institutions? It’s difficult to tell, as the law-enforcement and security agencies are themselves hopelessly compromised.

If you doubt this, then please explain how 1) the NSA, CIA and FBI didn’t know what jeffrey epstein was up to, and with whom; 2) epstein was free to pursue his sexual exploitation of minors yeast infection side effects for years prior to his wrist-slap conviction and for years afterward; 3) epstein, the highest profile and most at-risk prisoner in the nation, was left alone and the security cameras recording his cell yeast infection side effects and surroundings were “broken.”

If this all strikes you as evidence that america’s security and law-enforcement institutions are functioning at a level that’s above reproach, then 1) you’re a well-paid shill who’s protecting the guilty lest your own misdeeds come to yeast infection side effects light or 2) your consumption of mind-bending meds is off the charts.

It must again be emphasized: it is hard, if not impossible, to think of a more toxic allegation in american presidential yeast infection side effects history than the one leveled against candidate, and then president, donald trump that he “colluded” with the kremlin in order to win the 2016 presidential yeast infection side effects election—and, still more, that vladimir putin’s regime, “america’s no. 1 threat,” had compromising material on trump that made him its “puppet.” or a more fraudulent accusation.

Even leaving aside the misperception that russia is the primary yeast infection side effects threat to america in world affairs, no aspect of this allegation has turned out to be yeast infection side effects true, as should have been evident from the outset. Major aspects of the now infamous steele dossier, on which much of the allegation was based, were themselves not merely “unverified” but plainly implausible.

Was it plausible, for example, that trump, a longtime owner and operator of international hotels, would commit an indiscreet act in a moscow hotel that yeast infection side effects he did not own or control? Or that, as steele also claimed, high-level kremlin sources had fed him damning anti-trump information even though their vigilant boss, putin, wanted trump to win the election? Nonetheless, the american mainstream media and other important elements of the yeast infection side effects US political establishment relied on steele’s allegations for nearly three years, even heroizing him—and some still do, explicitly or implicitly.

Glass shattered high above seventh avenue in manhattan before dawn yeast infection side effects on a cold november morning in 1953. Seconds later, a body hit the sidewalk. Jimmy, the doorman at the statler hotel, was momentarily stunned. Then he turned and ran into the hotel lobby. “we got a jumper!” he shouted. “we got a jumper!”

The night manager peered up through the darkness at his yeast infection side effects hulking hotel. After a few moments, he picked out a curtain flapping through an open window. It turned out to be room 1018A. Two names were on the registration card: frank olson and robert lashbrook.

Police officers entered room 1018A with guns drawn. They saw no one. The window was open. They pushed open the door to the bathroom and found yeast infection side effects lashbrook sitting on the toilet, head in hands. He had been sleeping, he said, and “I heard a noise and then I woke up.”

“in all my years in the hotel business,” the night manager later reflected, “I never encountered a case where someone got up in yeast infection side effects the middle of the night, ran across a dark room in his underwear, avoiding two beds, and dove through a closed window with the shade and yeast infection side effects curtains drawn.”

Leaving the police officers, the night manager returned to the lobby and, on a hunch, asked the telephone operator if any calls had recently been yeast infection side effects made from room 1018A. “yes,” she replied – and she had eavesdropped, not an uncommon practice in an era when hotel phone yeast infection side effects calls were routed through a switchboard. Someone in the room had called a number on long yeast infection side effects island, which was listed as belonging to dr harold abramson, a distinguished physician, less well known as an LSD expert and one of yeast infection side effects the CIA’s medical collaborators.

People are bringing tape recorders into workout clubs to make yeast infection side effects sure comics don’t “cross over the line.” that would be the speech code line, the one that dwells within the active imaginations of humorless yeast infection side effects graduates of sensitivity training class. We used to have a motto: “the job of the comedian is to define where the yeast infection side effects line is, and then deliberately cross it.” good luck with that today. Someone in the audience might just be a kamikaze safe yeast infection side effects space warrior, a person being repeatedly triggered on purpose in an act yeast infection side effects of self-sacrifice for the greater good.

Yeah, I know—in one sense it’s nothing new. I’ve heard all the stories about lenny bruce, how the cops nailed him in a greenwich village club yeast infection side effects for saying the word “cocksucker” and then the authorities hounded him all the way to yeast infection side effects jail, an experience that pretty much broke his spirit.

And yeah, I know how gilbert gottfried lost his job as the yeast infection side effects aflac duck because he made japanese tsunami jokes. (that’s the best you could do on offensive gilbert material? The man anchored the friars club roasts for years. If the greatest comedians from both coasts had a life-or-death dirty-joke contest, gilbert would be the sole survivor—he can tell jokes that make andrew dice clay puke.)