See christ here yeast infection symptoms buyer’s remorse –august 26, 2019

Sometimes it’s a piece of technology, and we might even convince ourselves that the technology makes yeast infection symptoms it possible for us to connect with a whole new yeast infection symptoms group of people. But that, too, carries and opportunity cost. It’s not just the price of an iphone or an yeast infection symptoms android that you have think about–it’s the way the time we choose to spend texting, instagramming, facebooking, and tweeting on the device is therefore time we cannot yeast infection symptoms spend with the people who are already in our lives, who might need your listening ear or might be seeking yeast infection symptoms your wisdom. But the more people see us buried in the screens yeast infection symptoms of our little rectangles of technology, the more they will assume we are not available to yeast infection symptoms have those conversations. My purchase of a piece of technology carries a cost yeast infection symptoms that ripples out ot the other people around me who yeast infection symptoms won’t even bother trying to get my attention after enough yeast infection symptoms time, because they can see I have not made them a yeast infection symptoms priority. It’s not that the smart phone or tablet or whatever yeast infection symptoms is wicked–it’s just that it carries a hidden opportunity cost.

Sometimes it’s even just the ways we choose to use our yeast infection symptoms time, rather than "stuff." I was talking with someone not long ago who has yeast infection symptoms gotten into a new trend of going to more movies, more social outings, more nights out at the bar lately, moreso than they had in a long time, and my friend was oblvious to the ways it was yeast infection symptoms already affecting their relationships with their family, their church, and their other friends. They couldn’t see how their grown sibling weren’t trying to get together as much, becuase they had simply stopped trying to make offers that yeast infection symptoms were going to be shrugged off. They couldn’t see how folks were not asking them to help yeast infection symptoms out with this or that volunteer opporutnity, becuase the message was already being communicated in the busyness yeast infection symptoms of their social calendar, "I’m not available for you–I’ve got other stuff to do now." my friend couldn’t see the connection between their own new-found full social calendar and the ways others felt less yeast infection symptoms connected. Because, rather like an eight-year-old at wal-mart, they couldn’t see the opportunity cost of the choices they made. And yeah, there’s nothing wicked or evil or morally wrong per se yeast infection symptoms about movies or restaurants or even nights at the bar yeast infection symptoms (I’m a lutheran–that’s OK with us); it’s simply a matter of the unseen cost of what yeast infection symptoms we do not give our attention, time, or energy to by the choices we make.

So where does that leave us? Well, it begs the question we started with: what, when all is said and done, will have been worth spending your time, your resources, your love, and your attention on? Becasue there’s no just saving it up forever. Your minutes tick down with every day, and mine are ticking away right along. But in the end, just about everything in life will be some kind of yeast infection symptoms a letdown… Except, jesus says, for the reign of god. What matthew’s gospel calls "the kingdom of heaven," which is another way of saying, "the beloved community where god’s mercy and justice are lived out," is the one thing that is worth spending your life yeast infection symptoms on and giving your life away for. Not merely in the sense of "one day when I die I’ll get to go to heaven," but in the sense right now of living in such yeast infection symptoms a way that even our free moments are available so yeast infection symptoms that we can be there to help a neighbor, to listen to a friend, to comfort a relative, or to serve a stranger. That’s worth it in a way that no treasure-hunt plastic toy, no sports car, no rectangle of technology, and no nights out at the movies can match. The choice to keep ourselves free–and available for the need of someone else–won’t let us down, because it is the life most in tune with the yeast infection symptoms very heart of god.