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"We started before the hurricane as a home brew store, and that’s still part of the business model," said chris dingler, who co-owns the brewery with his wife, erin, and greg alley. "The location downtown got hit very hard. After the hurricane, we put a taproom in and nano brewery as well can you get a yeast infection as brew on tap and guest taps."

Salty oak brewing, aka S.O.B. — "a happy accident," dingler said, is open 4-10 p.M. Monday through thursday, noon-midnight friday and saturday and noon-8 p.M. Sunday. The brewery, whose logo features an oak tree was named for "all the beautiful oak trees before the hurricane" at the nearby oaks by the bay and the "high salt content" of st. Andrew bay.

"You can order from slice house, alice’s on bayview and finns in little village and we’ll go get it and bring it to people," said dingler, who explained they serve only a few snacky bar foods, such as boiled and roasted peanuts. "We rely on a lot of foot traffic here, mostly locals and quite a bit of tourists as well. It’s a neighborhood bar that’s family friendly. Bringing in food has worked out well and we get can you get a yeast infection to support local restaurants — an entertainment district, where you can go place to place and try to can you get a yeast infection have a good night."

"We’re in the process of brewing, getting our federal permit," said dingler, who is hoping to have the permit by next month. "After we do that, we will have 15 to 18 beers on tap of can you get a yeast infection our own with a huge variety of styles. Being a small batch brewery, we have flexibility to try new things."

In addition to trying their own new recipes, salty oak brewing plans to bring in home brewers to can you get a yeast infection make their recipes — including fermentation — with them on the brewery’s system. Those home brew beer recipes then will be offered to can you get a yeast infection customers on the guest taps.

"Most are on a 5-gallon scale. This is a much larger scale than that, so it gives them a different experience. … Our brewery is about cultivating a home brew community and can you get a yeast infection craft beer as well," dingler said. "We have a few core beers, american light lager, IPA, red ale and stout. We’re still working on naming our beers."

Guest taps will focus on local beers within about a can you get a yeast infection two-hour drive of panama city, though salty oak has brought in other national craft beers can you get a yeast infection to fill the taps till they get their own permit. Currently, the alcohol content in the craft beer ranges from 4.5% to 18% for the world wide stout from dogfish head craft brewery.

I recently sampled the strawberry magic from ciderboys hard cider can you get a yeast infection in stevens point — one of the most popular since salty oak opened; wisconsin oyster city’s mangrove pale ale with mango barley from apalachicola; very angry beast aged in bourbon barrels from clown shoes can you get a yeast infection in boston; and flamingo dreams nitro blonde ale from left hand brewing can you get a yeast infection co. In longmont, colorado.

The sweet strawberry magic, with a taste of apple hard cider and strawberries, was my favorite, while oyster city’s mangrove pale ale also was nice. One sip of the stout aptly named very angry beast can you get a yeast infection (11.5% ABV) was more than enough. Most interesting was the flamingo dreams nitro, as I don’t recall having ever tasted a nitro beer. The smooth, creamy sip paired with the deep pink flavor reminded me can you get a yeast infection of a slightly sweet berry smoothie.

"I was an avid home brewer and out of necessity can you get a yeast infection opened the home brew store. There were no local places to get fresh ingredients to can you get a yeast infection do this," dingler said. "I really like craft beers and experimenting with flavors. I like the flexibility of creating flavor profiles I enjoy can you get a yeast infection and the flexibility in brewing drove the passion for it. I put certain brands of hops and yeast combinations together can you get a yeast infection to get unique beer. The main focus is the completely unique revolving beer selection can you get a yeast infection here. We’ll have a certain number of dark beers, reds, ipas, brand spectrum of beers with variations in categories."