Pre yeast infection pics op concerns

So, I work for a magical company and many of my male yeast infection pics leaders and colleagues have had the surgery and I hear male yeast infection pics positive results and feedback. I’ve got started on the process of jumping through all male yeast infection pics the hoops (doctor visits n tests) about a year ago and I believe I’ve just went through the last hoop (heart cath & all is well thank god) and I have clearance from him. Anyway, today I was getting an estimate for some flooring and male yeast infection pics somehow the person giving the estimate starts talking about his male yeast infection pics wife and her surgery that DIDNT GO WELL. She had the sleeve and I was hearing how she male yeast infection pics is on a feeding tube, something about her vagus nerve and she has a pacemaker. I’m not sure, but I don’t think she ever got to solid foods and is male yeast infection pics confined to a wheelchair. All I all, it sounded like the surgery didn’t go well for her! Hence I am just looking for more opinions from others male yeast infection pics and plan on going to a couple of the meetings male yeast infection pics they have at the hospital to ask some questions to male yeast infection pics others who have had the surgery. I believe the florida hospital has meetings every wednesday or male yeast infection pics every other wednesday. I guess I’m just looking for others insights because before today, I’ve heard nothing but good. I will still be getting the surgery done!

I had the same severe complications after VSG. It took 4 more surgeries and 4.5 months in hospital. My heart stopped twice. I developed afib. My husband had to retire to take care of me. I came home in a wheelchair. With the best bari team in florida and my superhero male yeast infection pics husband’s help, I was determined to ride my motorcycle again. Like the little train that could, I awoke every day determined to work towards my goals male yeast infection pics for myself…One baby step at A time.

With all of that and 3.5 years out, I can tell you without a doubt this is one male yeast infection pics of the best decisions I ever made for myself. My only regret is that I waited. It was my heart’s desire to ride my motorcycle again, to be to take a 5 mile walk 2x a male yeast infection pics day again, to be able to dance again…I’m doing all of this and more.

For a while (in between multiple hospital stays), I stayed away from here because I didn’t want to “burden” the other forum members. That was a HUGE mistake. I get the most loving support here. And there are others here who have had way worse male yeast infection pics problems than I have who freely share their experiences.

Hi, I didn’t have health insurance so I went to a doctor male yeast infection pics in mexico. I trusted my research and the doctor and group I male yeast infection pics picked. I’ve learned you don’t want to go to someone that only does one male yeast infection pics kind of weightloss surgery. Make sure if you have VSG you don’t have a history of acid reflux, hiatal hernias, gastroparisis. I told the team about my extensive medical history. I was still told I was a good candidate. 10mos after surgery I developed afib, then severe acid reflux, difficulty breathing. I had a stroke in september of 2018. I had test done a found I had a hiatal male yeast infection pics hernia, high PH. I needed a revision to a gastric bypass. Had that done nov.16,2018. They found my stomach was up in my chest cavity. I had adhesions in my chest and abdomen. My nissan was cut down the middle. Dr removed. Unfortunately 8 days later I had emergency surgery #1 for a leak. A G-tube was placed. Two days later my intestine ruptured and I became septic. I stopped breathing and almost died. Had emergency surgery #2. Spent 5 days in ICU and another 8 weeks in male yeast infection pics the hospital. Came back in january had surgery #4 for a twisted intestine. I overcome left side paralysis, being in a wheelchair full-time, being fed through a central line and receiving TPN. I got my strength up and had the nausea and male yeast infection pics vomiting improve. Unfortunately my entire GI tracked is paralyzed. Next month I’m having my entire colon removed and having an ileostomy male yeast infection pics done. I feel weightloss is a good tool but you need male yeast infection pics to have a doctor that really understands your medical history male yeast infection pics and you picked the best possible weightloss surgery. With any surgery there are risk just make sure you male yeast infection pics understand everything your getting yourself into. Also make sure your ready to make changes in your male yeast infection pics diet and exercise if you go forward with surgery. I’m happy to answer any questions. Good luck

I was also really worried about complications. My health has always been complicated. So I checked many surgeons, did speak to 4, and picked one I trusted next to home (at that time I lived in asia). My surgeon had +2000 surgeries under his belt, and I asked him about complications, and what happened to his patients. He was completely transparent. I met my surgeon may be 7 times before the male yeast infection pics surgery. He knew EVERYTHING about my health and I had many male yeast infection pics tests done pre-op. After losing even more weight he wanted me too pre-op, my exam results improved. A bed was booked for me in ICU in case male yeast infection pics I had an issue during surgery. Make sure the facility has an ICU!

I had really complicated few months lately, my health did deteriorate suddenly, and long story short after multiple hemorrhages (endometriosis), anemia took a bad turn, I was really sick with multiple infections, asthma started and was out of control, and after so much asthma and pressure in my stomach, I also developed a hiatal hernia, reflux was awful and increased my asthma even more, stomach was in my lung cavity, and I had to wait for months before my stomach male yeast infection pics was repaired (surgeons had cold feet…I saw five surgeons before finding this one I trust male yeast infection pics to do the repair, the first surgeons kept on postponing…Nobody want to do surgery on someone who has severe male yeast infection pics endometriosis…Takes longer, it’s more complicated and has a higher risk of complications).

I took religiously my vitamins for years but endometriosis really male yeast infection pics got worth during peri menopause, and only iron infusion (iv) could help and because I have many allergies, doctors drag their feet to prescribe those…Even if so far I never had side effects after male yeast infection pics an iron infusion.

So….Yes complications do happen. Is it worth the risk? I think yes. Obesity is a disease and we need medical help. Often we have other pathologies/issues which started obesity in the first place. When my asthma got so bad last winter, prednisone made me gain lots of weight again, around 40 pounds in 5 months, but years ago I could gain almost 30 pounds in male yeast infection pics one week of prednisone!! So it did help…

I did the same thing, I considered the surgery for over 2 years before I male yeast infection pics made the decision to move forward. I was apprehensive as well. I read a ton of literature, spoke to several doctors beforehand, and talked to people who had the surgery. I’m 3 and 1/2 months post op and could not be happier with male yeast infection pics my decision.

I was 223 at my first consultation, miserable and sooooo very unhealthy. Hi BP, pre diabetic, sleep apnea, depression, etc. I did not even want to engage in normal activities male yeast infection pics because I felt so ashamed of my weight. I’d always been a healthy, slim weight until 40’s. I gained 100 lbs and I was so defeated in male yeast infection pics my personal life I just wanted to sit at home male yeast infection pics and hide. I’m now down 55 pounds and I feel great.

I am so very thankful that I had a super male yeast infection pics easy surgery with no complications and a doctor who was male yeast infection pics AMAZING! My heart goes out to all the forum members who’ve had problems, but the most amazing thing is that you guys KEEP male yeast infection pics ON PERSERVERING!! That is incredible and I am so in awe of male yeast infection pics all of you. You inspire me to keep moving forward and encouraging others male yeast infection pics in their journey. God bless you all sincerely!!!

The best thing you can do is be honest with male yeast infection pics the doctors, any health issues you’ve ever had should be shared with them. You did the insurance hoops so it sounds like your male yeast infection pics doing your surgery local to you, which is good if, god forbid, you ever have issues post OP. You passed your pre OP tests. That’s ways a relief

In your research and reading you will hear about others male yeast infection pics whose journeys were rough, to say the least, like WANAGL, who still says this surgery was one of the best male yeast infection pics decisions she’s ever made. You do your research. Don’t let other people’s journeys decide for you. Research your surgical team. Make sure the hospital you will be going to has male yeast infection pics everything you could possibly need incase something goes wrong, you don’t want to be transferred out to higher care, that takes a little time.

I don’t know your age, BMI etc but where will you be in 5 years male yeast infection pics if you don’t take this opportunity? Will you pass the pre OP tests in 5 years? Will you be on (more) meds? Will you end up diabetic? You don’t see a lot of elderly folks that are obese……My surgery went well. I have a family history of heart issues, diabetes, cancers etc. I was sleeved 12/29/14 31 years old, 255lbs. Couldn’t walk up my driveway without gasping for air. Always sweating. Always miserable and eating more and more to feel better, just to feel worse after. I went through the hoops and had surgery. I have a hiatal hernia. Found during my endoscopy. I assumed they would take care of that when they male yeast infection pics were in there but they didn’t. Went in for surgery in the morning. Woke up feeling like my stomach wasn’t where it should be, (a little compression did a lot for that) and in pain. Recovery room nurse didn’t follow the pain med order but anyways….I got up to my room, didn’t feel so good. Spent the next 48 hours vomiting. I only had one surgery before that one and I male yeast infection pics vomiting then too…Anesthesia does it to me. But all that vomiting didn’t mess anything up. I had an extended stay in the hospital, not such a happy new year lol. But I got home and recovered and lost 110lbs within male yeast infection pics 9 months. I am 4.5 years out and haven’t had any issues (knocking on wood)

Do a pros & cons list. Ask lots of questions. We are each so different and what happened to one male yeast infection pics isn’t necessarily going to happen to another. A small amount of people have serious complications. I always wonder where would I be if I didn’t do it? Probably 350lbs miserable, hating how I look and never going on a roller male yeast infection pics coaster with my kids because I won’t fit. I wish you the best of luck!