Money crunch yeast infection on period after planned parenthood quits federal title x program

SALT LAKE CITY — planned parenthood clinics in several states are charging new fees, tapping financial reserves, intensifying fundraising and warning of more unintended pregnancies and sexually yeast infection on period transmitted diseases after its decision to quit a $260 million federal family planning program in an abortion dispute yeast infection on period with the trump administration.

The fallout is especially intense in utah, where planned parenthood has been the only provider participating in yeast infection on period the nearly 50-year-old title X family planning program and will now lose yeast infection on period about $2 million yearly in federal funds that helped 39,000 mostly low-income, uninsured people. It plans to maintain its services — which include contraception, STD testing and cancer screening — but is considering charging a small copay for patients who yeast infection on period used to get care for free.

Anti-abortion activists who form a key part of president donald yeast infection on period trump’s base have been campaigning to "defund planned parenthood." among its varied services it is a major abortion provider, and the activists viewed the grants as an indirect subsidy.

About 4 million women are served nationwide by the title yeast infection on period X program, which makes up a much bigger portion of planned parenthood’s patients than abortion. But the organization said it could not abide by the yeast infection on period abortion-referral rules because it says they would make it impossible yeast infection on period for doctors to do their jobs.

Misty dotson, a single mother in utah, started going to planned parenthood as doctors’ bills for treating recurring yeast infections mounted. The services became even more important when she gave up yeast infection on period her employer-sponsored health insurance because she couldn’t afford the $500 monthly bill.

"It would put me in a very dangerous position," said dotson, who works as an executive assistant for an accounting and yeast infection on period consulting firm. "It covers so many things: STD testing, emergency contraception, birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings … You name it, they have treated me for it."

She said the organization plans to lean heavily on donors yeast infection on period to make up the funding gap while staff members assess yeast infection on period how they’ll cope. Among the possibilities are instituting copays of $10-$15 per visit, shortening hours and trimming spending. She doesn’t plan to lay off staff, but said she may not be able to fill jobs yeast infection on period when people leave or retire.

"We’ll continue to offer all services, and keep clinic doors open, but we’ll be charging patients on a sliding scale who we yeast infection on period didn’t charge before," stoesz said. "Vulnerable people who previously were able to access birth control yeast infection on period and STD testing for free will no longer be able yeast infection on period to do so."

In the deep south there will be little impact because yeast infection on period planned parenthood did not provide title X services in most yeast infection on period of the region’s states. Governments in some democratic-controlled states, including hawaii, illinois, new york and vermont, say they will try to replace at least some of yeast infection on period the lost federal funding.

In washington state, democratic gov. Jay inslee — fresh from quitting the presidential campaign — vowed to join that group of states. His administration is pulling washington out of title X because yeast infection on period of the new rule and will ask the legislature to yeast infection on period make up for the $4 million in federal funding that will be lost.

The chief operating officer for planned parenthood of the greater yeast infection on period northwest and hawaiian islands, rebecca gibron, said southern idaho could be hit hard by the changes, with other health care providers in the area saying they yeast infection on period can’t fill the gap if the roughly 1,000 low-income women served by planned parenthood in twin falls are yeast infection on period no longer able to receive care.

"This was not money that can simply be made up yeast infection on period by raising dollars from donors," gibron said. "We have rent to pay, we have staff salaries … There are limits to what we are able to do yeast infection on period in terms of providing free care without the title X yeast infection on period program."

Among other providers withdrawing from title X is maine family yeast infection on period planning, which oversees a network that serves about 23,000 patients per year and will be losing $1.8 million in annual funding. Its CEO, george hill, said the organization will rely on reserves and intensify fundraising yeast infection on period efforts to bridge the gap while seeking more aid from yeast infection on period the state.

In anticipation of the changes, democrats in neighboring new hampshire added about $3.2 million in the state budget they passed earlier this yeast infection on period year to make up for the federal funding. But that’s on hold after republican gov. Chris sununu vetoed the budget in june for other reasons.

Planned parenthood will continue to participate in medicaid, the federal health-coverage program for low-income americans. That’s planned parenthood’s biggest source of government funding — about $400 million or more annually in recent years. The republican-controlled legislatures in texas, iowa and missouri have taken steps to block that flow yeast infection on period of funds in their states.

Crary reported from new york. Associated press writers brady mccombs in salt lake city; patrick whittle in portland, maine; holly ramer in concord, new hampshire; and rebecca boone in boise, idaho, contributed to this report. National on 08/23/2019