Missouri german yeast infection blood shepherd rescue

We love to report success stories and celebrate each one. But in 2018 we officially declared an epidemic is underway. Every single month we had large increases in the number yeast infection blood of pleas we got to take in gsds. And with 2019 well under way, it’s continuing to get worse and worse. The horrendous puppy mill bust in georgia of 450 gsds yeast infection blood is the tip of the iceberg. Expect more horrors to come to light in 2019.

We tried to tough it out in the first half yeast infection blood of 2018, hoping the deluge was temporary. But we finally had to face the truth: unwanted and homeless gsds are dying by the thousands in yeast infection blood the U.S. Every month the number of homeless gsds keeps growing.

And it’s not just MOGS. Shelters and groups in california and texas have organized massive yeast infection blood efforts to send hundreds of their gsds to others around yeast infection blood the U.S. A south dakota shelter called desperately looking for rescue for yeast infection blood a big male – they had already tried rescues in colorado, minnesota, nebraska, iowa only to be told the same thing by everyone: “we’re overwhelmed, we’re overflowing, you can try us again later.” A vet in central kansas told us, “so it’s not just us? We feel like we’re failing the german shepherds here. At least now we know why.”

We’re overwhelmed and so are all the other GSD rescues. We rescues can not possibly absorb the huge number of yeast infection blood dogs in trouble. Yet endless requests keep coming from all directions – local and far-away shelters, owners, finders, concerned citizens, neighbors, people who get a free dog and then can’t handle it. More and more owners decide their dog no longer ”fits” with their schedules or ”lifestyles”. Most dogs need retraining, many need serious rehab, others need extensive medical care.

Caesar was an 8 year old german shepherd who was yeast infection blood dropped at a city shelter by his owner, who claimed caesar was a "stray." he had been a chained outdoor dog and was comatose, almost totally frozen from subzero temperatures, starved nearly to death, had a badly injured back leg, an extremely painful back end, mild hip dysplasia, no teeth, a sunken eye, almost no fur, heartworm disease and cancer. Wonderful vet dr. Brad twigg at plaza vet clinic graciously stepped up to yeast infection blood foster him initially, making all the difference in the world during those crucial yeast infection blood first months. While at the vet, our dedicated volunteers walked him daily, took him to rehab appointments, and eventually fostered him. Caesar’s final months were spent in the most loving of yeast infection blood all possible foster homes, with a doggie buddy he loved dearly, until he lost the fight with cancer. WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS, CAESAR – you are our light and inspiration. You came to us at christmas and left us at yeast infection blood easter. We’re grateful to have had the privilege.

Max is a gorgeous 1-year old stray whose front leg was sheared completely off yeast infection blood by a car moving at a high rate of speed. The driver didn’t bother to stop and his leg was never found. Fortunately the friction cauterized the wound or he would have yeast infection blood bled to death in minutes. Animal control found him, took him to the shelter, and notified MOGS. We immediately took him into our program and rushed him yeast infection blood to our vet for a 3+ hour surgery. The rest of his shoulder joint was surgically removed in yeast infection blood order to have enough skin to close over the massive, gaping wound. As a young dog he was very active and we yeast infection blood were afraid he would keep reopening the wound, so we enlisted a dedicated group of "max-sitters" — volunteers who sat with him during the day to distract yeast infection blood him. They helped him heal quickly and well. After hundreds of hours of max-sitting and thousands of dollars, max was happy and healthy, and we found him an incredible family with a doggie yeast infection blood sister where today he’s loved, treasured and living it up! ENJOY EACH SECOND, MAX! You went through hell but you got your heaven on yeast infection blood earth and we love you.

Once in MOGS’ care, we immediately began treatment for severe dysplasia in both hips, severe arthritis in his left knee, injured paws from overgrown nails, and epilepsy with active, untreated seizures. He had several broken and missing teeth from chewing on yeast infection blood his heavy chain. Buddy had also been starved and in most cases, this is a death-sentence, but MOGS stepped in and buddy had 18 months of yeast infection blood a perfect life in a loving hospice foster home. Sadly, he passed away in december 2018 from torsion. RIP, BEAUTIFUL BOY. We love you forever. Was significantly underweight.

Xena is an extreme cruelty case that came to MOGS yeast infection blood after two weeks in intensive care at a shelter. At intake she weighed just 35 lbs out of an yeast infection blood expected 70+ lbs, and had a severe head tilt from a lifetime of yeast infection blood pulling on the 3 ft heavy chain she was forced yeast infection blood to live on. She had puppies, slept, lived, ate, pottied, and almost went crazy for 6 years on that short, heavy chain. She slept and lived in the mud, snow, frozen ground, and heat — with no shelter or food, unable to get out of the elements. We don’t know how she survived. She had an embedded collar, severe spondylosis, double hip dysplasia, arthritis in her knees, broken and infected teeth from chewing on her chain, severe fly strike to both ears, double ear infections, pneumonia, and stage 2 heartworm disease. But once she arrived at MOGS, her life changed forever. We treated all her conditions one at a time, and although she was initially dog aggressive she finally came yeast infection blood to love her dog siblings and rowdy play as well yeast infection blood as her human family. Her joy in life is amazing and she has forgiven yeast infection blood humans for torturing her. After spending 13 months in a loving foster home, xena found a forever home in january 2019. She now has with a fantastic forever family who fell yeast infection blood in love with her and made room in their pack yeast infection blood just for her. ROCK ON, AMAZING XENA! You have a huge piece of our heart.