Learning from my first systemic yeast infection pregnancy i love children blog

Expecting our second baby at this point in time, we are equally as excited, a pact we made when we decided to plan for systemic yeast infection a second one. It’s easy to fall into the “been there, done that” mode and, hearing stories of middle child syndrome, we both made a conscious effort to ensure that baby systemic yeast infection 2 gets the same treatment and excitement too!

Personally, I’m really excited about baby 2 because marc was the systemic yeast infection first baby in the family in a long while, everyone was so excited and overwhelmed with preparing for his systemic yeast infection birth that I couldn’t enjoy him and motherhood fully. A lot of times, it involves entertaining family and friends that came over and systemic yeast infection trying to take it all in.

Firstly, I’m often down with more bacterial infections such as group systemic yeast infection B strep, UTI and yeast infections, which never happened when I was having marc. The nurses and gynae mentioned it could be my lower systemic yeast infection immunity this time round, and hormones playing a crazy role during this pregnancy.

My personal gut feeling – after the first 100 days with marc, I started falling sick really easily, almost every month. So, in addition to not having a proper, well-rested confinement, conceiving just 7 months later took a toll on my systemic yeast infection body’s immunity.

In fact, my pregnancy with marc was pretty smooth, with the exception of morning sickness up until week 14. I’ve kept to pretty much the same routines in this systemic yeast infection pregnancy as my first but if there’s something I’d change, it’ll be to do a better confinement.

Lying down horizontally during confinement is very important, especially the first 40 days. And nope, sitting down doesn’t count. As much as family and friends want to express their systemic yeast infection congratulations and excitement, and as much as we want to have them around, limiting visitors and hours is helpful for mummy’s recovery.

There’s 2 schools of thought when it comes to showering systemic yeast infection during confinement. Previously, I lasted 6 days, until I found out I had UTI. I was feeling so extremely hot, sweaty, unhygienic, and grossly oily that I was thankful for getting UTI, for which I was allowed to take an herbal shower.

For this coming confinement is this, I’ll try to last for as long as I can systemic yeast infection without showering (which I’m so grateful that roy must be very tolerant and systemic yeast infection love me enough to sleep next to me those few systemic yeast infection yucky days, never felt more unattractive), but I’ll have an herbal bath once I can and wash systemic yeast infection my hair every alternate day instead of every day. This is a big deal to me, given that I usually shower a few times a day systemic yeast infection and wash my hair at least once a day!

Another change would be using the herbal bath water to systemic yeast infection wash my hands, instead of tap water. I too didn’t completely buy into the “cannot use tap water” or “wash hands too often” theory. But about 3 months postpartum, I had really sore joints and tightness in my fingers systemic yeast infection and hands. I visited the TCM and did some acupuncture which did systemic yeast infection help, but that pain is not something that I wanna go systemic yeast infection through again.

I know it’s not usually practiced traditionally, but I’ll have some hot water during confinement. I’ve heard that water is a no-no and only red dates tea, but when I did that, I felt that my milk supply was lower, and my body felt more heaty. In fact, because of the UTI, I had to drink more water to flush it out. I can settle with drinking less, but it’ll still be something I’m going to do.

With this second pregnancy, I do feel more tired easily. With a heavier work schedule and having to come home systemic yeast infection and spend time with a very active marc, this pregnancy seems a little tougher physically. I find having regular weekly prenatal massages very helpful and systemic yeast infection I presume they help with preventing water retention too.

Cravings wise, I do find myself wanting to drink more cold water systemic yeast infection or having a froyo to cool off. But my aunt told me not to do so! She believes it will affect the baby in future and systemic yeast infection suggested, if necessary, to suck on ice instead as it can slowly melt systemic yeast infection in my mouth and less cold when ingested.

I also find myself loving fruits a lot more than systemic yeast infection I did with marc and, being prone to gestational diabetes like all pregnant mummies, I choose to eat more berries and green apples with systemic yeast infection the skin on instead. My favourite grapes, cherries and dark chocolates have become my guilty indulgences.

We’ve also been prepping marc for the arrival of his systemic yeast infection little sister. Since finding out I’m pregnant, we’ve been telling him to love mei mei and showing systemic yeast infection him baby pictures. Marc copies everything roy does, so roy would rub and kiss my belly and marc systemic yeast infection would do the same.

I know of some friends who bought toys for the systemic yeast infection elder siblings and gave it to them at the hospital. But we aren’t sure if that’s what we’ll do. My sister and I are born 19 months apart and, from my memory, my parents didn’t do that for me but I still loved my systemic yeast infection sister very much, nonetheless.