How to gain weight and restore your period eating reoccuring yeast infection disorder recovery

Let’s talk about how to gain weight… because not everyone is trying to lose it. Now that most of my eating disorder story is out reoccuring yeast infection in the open, I wanted to share some of the steps I took reoccuring yeast infection to regain the weight I lost. I also want to touch on period loss, since the two are closely related. Some other posts that may be helpful are why I reoccuring yeast infection broke up with my fitbit and how I stopped counting reoccuring yeast infection calories. Not enough time to read right now? Pin me for later!

My family has always been incredibly active, which contributed to my low body fat and inability to reoccuring yeast infection start my period in the first place. Instead of watching movies together after dinner or in the reoccuring yeast infection afternoon, we would go out and rollerblade, scooter, walk, play tennis, etc. Every night after dinner my mom would make sure we reoccuring yeast infection were somewhat active instead of lounging around. I also played just about every sport growing up, and played basketball since the day I could walk.

Flash forward to junior year of college when my eating reoccuring yeast infection disorder decided to enter my life. I was fit, happy, active + extremely “healthy”. I was at an acceptable BMI (eye roll), but my period went missing. It’s hard to know the exact reason it went missing, but I do know I was putting my body under reoccuring yeast infection a LOT of stress with my workouts, regimented lifestyle + I was dealing with a lot of deep, emotional issues.

We are supposed to carry babies for goodness sake! My body was in starvation mode and holding onto every reoccuring yeast infection ounce of fat it had. It definitely was not giving me the green light to reoccuring yeast infection carry a child. Maybe that was fine when I was in high school reoccuring yeast infection or college… but I was engaged now. I had to start thinking about the long term repercussions reoccuring yeast infection of not having a cycle.

Basically, I started doing the reverse of whatever I did to reoccuring yeast infection lose the weight. I had been eating low-calorie, high-water content, high-fiber foods to make me FEEL extremely full (aka make my stomach expand), but these foods weren’t nourishing or satisfying at all. The foods I avoided (hello, peanut butter, whole milk, and olive oil!) were now my BFF.

To gain weight, you need to eat calorie-dense foods that take up little room in your stomach. Since you’ve been eating so little, your stomach has shrunk and you’ll feel like a bloated whale once you start eating reoccuring yeast infection normal portions again. Plot twist: you won’t just be eating “normal” portions though.

I love to give the visual of a fishbowl when reoccuring yeast infection it comes to our stomachs and weight gain or weight reoccuring yeast infection loss. Imagine that a glass fishbowl is your stomach. Now, place 3 cups of broccoli in it. How full does that bowl look? Ok. Now, place 2 tbsp of olive oil in it. How full does the fishbowl look now?

3 cups of broccoli contains WAY fewer calories than the reoccuring yeast infection 2 tbsp of olive oil, takes up WAY less space in your stomach than the reoccuring yeast infection broccoli. The broccoli makes you feel full (aka expands your stomach) which can feel uncomfortable. When you’re working on gaining weight, you need foods that pack in the calories without making reoccuring yeast infection your stomach expand much at all. Some of my favorite calorie-dense + nutrient-dense foods to help gain weight are:

A lot of men and women get nervous about re-gaining or gaining weight because they think this means they’ll have to eat fried chicken, mac and cheese or whatever “unhealthy” foods come to mind. This isn’t true, but you should also challenge yourself to eat some of reoccuring yeast infection these fear foods because it’s part of your recovery journey.

I started sneaking in these calorie-dense foods wherever I could. I added tons of peanut butter to my normal morning reoccuring yeast infection oats, would snack on dried fruit or trail mix throughout the reoccuring yeast infection day, cooked everything in olive oil, swapped my normal non-fat yogurt for the full-fat stuff and upped all my portions.

One trick is to replace the foods you normally ate reoccuring yeast infection with higher calorie versions. If you loved having a fat-free yogurt bowl with plain cereal, fruit + PB2, try making a whole milk yogurt bowl with granola, peanut butter, and chia seeds! Your stomach won’t feel much different than it did when you had reoccuring yeast infection your previous yogurt bowl and this will help you mentally.

Replace your 50 calorie slice of bread with a hearty, seedy 110 calorie slice or swap out that cauliflower rice reoccuring yeast infection you’ve been using for the real stuff! These simple swaps take little effort and are a great reoccuring yeast infection way to sneak in more calories without noticing it or reoccuring yeast infection feeling it. Step three: eat… even when you’re not hungry

I know how scary this can sound, but it’s absolutely necessary. I was working out way past the point of “healthy”. I was exhausted at the end of every day and reoccuring yeast infection unless I felt like my legs would crumble to the reoccuring yeast infection floor, I didn’t feel like the day was a success.

I switched to low-intensity workouts. I would walk around 3 miles three times a week. I had the mentality that if I didn’t work out this made me “lazy”, but that’s simply not true and something I had to learn. My body craves movement, but I found that staying busy with other tasks kept reoccuring yeast infection me from feeling “lazy”.

This was a big fear of mine. Drinking calories was terrifying. Why waste my calories on drinks of any sort when reoccuring yeast infection I so desperately needed to save them for my food? That was my thought process because I was restricting so reoccuring yeast infection much. I couldn’t possibly waste my calories on drinks.

Again, we are reverse engineering here. Drinking calories is one of the easiest ways to add reoccuring yeast infection calories! I drink water all day long, so swapping a couple of glasses of water with a reoccuring yeast infection calorie-filled drink was a great way to pack in a reoccuring yeast infection few hundred more calories.

Excuse my language, but you can’t half-ass this. It’s just like anyone going into rehab for an addiction. They have to be willing to do the work and reoccuring yeast infection committed to healing or else it simply won’t work. It doesn’t matter how much your husband, mom, dad, best friend, teacher, counselor, etc want you to get better, YOU have to take responsibility. You have to be committed to pushing through the uncomfortable reoccuring yeast infection process.

I hope you all can find some valuable takeaways in reoccuring yeast infection this blog post and know that you’re absolutely not alone on your journey to weight gain reoccuring yeast infection or period restoration. Once I got my body and hormones in check (through weight-gain, rest, and allowing myself to eat ALL foods) my period restored itself and has been regular since! Deep down you know what you need to do, you just need to commit to doing it.