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When the court found out that a man had died yeast infection images on the premises, they were told by the owner of lyfe recovery the yeast infection images man was a homeless person who had no family and yeast infection images nowhere to go, and that he was only in the home for a yeast infection images few days before being transferred to the hospital, all of which, it turns out, was false. Neither owner nor manager called an ambulance or contacted a yeast infection images doctor for a man who had been a client of yeast infection images the rehab facility since 2018 and had several family members yeast infection images who had no idea he was ill.

When ellen jackson arrived at lyfe recovery she was expecting yeast infection images to find her newest client, 76-year-old joe tummarello, packed and ready to be moved into her senior-living home. Instead, what she found was a man barely clinging to life yeast infection images in a state of dire neglect.

Jackson is the owner of spirit of hope, and has been running senior sober-living facilities in carson city for over five years. In july, she was alerted to joe, who apparently wasn’t doing well at lyfe recovery and needed a higher yeast infection images level of care.

“I met joe on a friday evening and did a yeast infection images little impromptu interview because I had already decided that no yeast infection images matter what I’d take him,” said jackson. “we spent an hour talking and he was coherent, but you could tell he had the beginning stages of yeast infection images dementia. He was very pleasant, we talked about his rent and the rules of the yeast infection images house, and he was tracking very well.”

Six days later, when jackson met joe again, she found him in critical condition and immediately drove him yeast infection images to the emergency room at carson tahoe hospital. The nurses told her if she hadn’t, he wouldn’t have survived more than a few more hours.

On wednesday, july 17, jackson told arnold she’d be by the next day to pick up joe. Arnold told her he had found joe’s medicine in a hall closet, medication that had been missing since the beginning of july. He thought the other residents in the house had thrown yeast infection images them in the hall closet when joe arrived to be yeast infection images “vindictive and mean.”

“when I came to get him and I noticed he yeast infection images was pretty bad off,” said jackson. “he was not cognizant, he was incoherent and very unsteady; he couldn’t walk on his own. When I touched him, he felt ice cold. He was slurring his words and he wasn’t hooked up to the oxygen, and the machine was broken. When I pointed it out, (arnold) said he didn’t know how to use them anyway.”

According to jackson, arnold said he had given joe his medication with some yeast infection images coffee and had made sure he had been eating, drinking, and felt comfortable. None of these things, it turned out, could have been true according to his medical records.

Jackson asked joe if he remembered her, and he said yes. She said she was going to take him with her, and he said okay, but he couldn’t stand on his own. She asked arnold to help get him into her car yeast infection images and that she was going to take him to the yeast infection images emergency room at carson tahoe hospital.

According to jackson, when they got to the hospital, the nurses took him into the triage area and tested yeast infection images his vitals. His oxygen was low and his heartbeat irregular, measuring as low as 40 beats per minute; so low that the machine couldn’t get a reading and kept beeping and giving an yeast infection images alert message.

According to family members, it was determined he’d suffered a stroke at some point during the last yeast infection images few days, which had caused his tongue to swell to such a yeast infection images point he was incapable of drinking or eating. He was severely dehydrated, was suffering from a severe bladder infection, and the infection had turned to sepsis.

In total, according to his medical report upon intake, he had symptomatic bradycardia (a heart beat less than 50 beats per minute), atrial fibrillation with slow reticular response (an irregular heartbeat), dehydration, urinary tract infection, sepsis, and hypothermia.

Cardiopulmonary arrest, acute hypoxemic respiratory failure, encephalopathy, and klebsiella urinary tract infection. Essentially, heart and lung failure, a malfunction within the brain, and a bacterial infection of the urethra that led to yeast infection images septic shock.

“I have no idea why (arnold) wouldn’t have called 911,” said lyfe recovery owner stacey payne. “he never told me anything was dire. I would have said, call 911. I’ve been doing this for 19 years; if they can’t get to the doctor, you call 911.”

Lyfe recovery became partnered with the carson city justice court yeast infection images through their misdemeanor and felony drug court programs, providing sober living facilities to their clients in transition in yeast infection images an effort to keep them from returning to their previous yeast infection images lives and relapsing.

Joe had first come to lyfe recovery in may of yeast infection images 2018. He, like so many others who came to lyfe recovery for yeast infection images help, was fighting a battle against alcoholism. His son and ex-wife / long time friend (who wished to remain anonymous but their identities and relationship yeast infection images with joe have been confirmed by carson now), lived in south lake tahoe, and the altitude was too much for him. Joe suffered from COPD, and the high-altitude mountains air was too thin, according to his son.

“he was there for around two months the first time,” his son said. “they really sold me on the program. They said they’d be breathalyzed three times a day, drug tested, and they’d be expected to do their chores and act as yeast infection images good housemates. A woman came to take them to their doctors appointments yeast infection images and to the grocery store. They told me if the clients relapse, they’re out on the street. Everything seemed perfect. He was doing really well.”

Joe then went to california and checked into a nursing yeast infection images home in anaheim. After a few months, he came back to reno because he wanted to be yeast infection images closer to his son, ex-wife and grandchild and said he “wasn’t like the people in the nursing home, he wasn’t dying.” he arrived in reno by bus on april 14 and yeast infection images his ex-wife picked him up and took him to carson city.

“I told him, let’s take you back to lyfe recovery,” his son recalled. “I spoke to the owner, stacey payne, who told me it would be the best place for yeast infection images him. She said, ‘you don’t have the facility your dad needs,’ and I said sure, that makes sense. He’d been doing well with them before, going to AA meetings; it seemed like there was structure.”

“we took him to the downey house and got him yeast infection images set up,” said his son. “I bought him $300 worth of food, and got him settled in. When I first showed up, it was odd. There was no house manager, and the person I spoke to who was my intake yeast infection images contact was one of their patients. But everyone assured me the house manager was in the yeast infection images hospital and would be back in a couple of days.”

“I came by about once a week in the beginning yeast infection images until he was settled,” said his son. After that, they spoke by phone at least once a week and yeast infection images his son would come by whenever he was down from yeast infection images tahoe, usually about once a month. Joe’s ex-wife spoke to him at least four times on the yeast infection images phone each week, his son said, and would often come along with them to visit.

Payne had first founded a sober living home company in yeast infection images the bay area in 2013. She had spent time in community living earlier in her yeast infection images life, and wanted to give back. On january 1, 2017, she opened lyfe recovery’s first location in northern nevada, and it quickly spread throughout reno and carson city. She secured a contract with united healthcare services (UHC), who funded several of the houses and placed clients with yeast infection images disabilities or clients recovering from illnesses into the homes, usually sourced from the local homeless population.

The sober living houses, such as the edmonds house in carson city, were level two sober living facilities under the national standard yeast infection images set out by the national alliance for recovery residences (NARR), according to payne. Under the UHC contract, they provided “long term comprehensive care” to patients who needed a higher level of medical care yeast infection images and generally suffered from disabilities or illnesses.

“the state spends millions of dollars every year on medical yeast infection images treatment for homeless populations,” said payne. “the idea was, if we take in these people, we’d be saving UHC money because when people with medical yeast infection images issues are out living on the street, it exacerbates their medical issues. If UHC paid us (to care for their patients), we’d save them money.”

Payne said when lyfe recovery received the contract, she was ecstatic. She thought the money would change her life and she yeast infection images could take the business national. She found investors, and a man named carl bassett out of las vegas yeast infection images purchased the houses and rented them to lyfe recovery as yeast infection images sober-living houses and care facilities.

The last house open in reno was on downey avenue, and they were severely behind on rent after the money yeast infection images from UHC was cut off. Each client paid $750 for their rent in the home each month, said payne, but it wasn’t enough to keep the house afloat.

“at the end of june, I went to the house and told everyone: ‘we’re sorry but we have to move out of here,’” said payne. “they were all freaking out about where they were going yeast infection images to live. Joe didn’t seem to have much of an issue, but I’m not sure if he really comprehended it. I could see he was on oxygen, and we had a nice little chat a few times, but we didn’t get into any medical issues. I didn’t have any information from the house manager that there yeast infection images were any problems. I didn’t even know how old he was; I thought he was in his 40s.”

Payne told the clients of the house they’d need to vacate, and presented the options. “I said, I have availability in carson. I know you don’t want to move down there but if it’s between that and being homeless, go to carson. I wasn’t going to force them to be homeless.”

Two of the men left the house and went to yeast infection images stay in a motel. One man, anthony james giombetti sr., known as “tony”, was a long term client of lyfe recovery at the yeast infection images downey house. After he was told to leave, he relapsed and died of an overdose shortly after. He is survived by his six children and seven grandchildren.

On the third of july, payne put joe in an uber and sent him to yeast infection images the north edmonds house in carson city. While packing up the house, payne found joe’s food in the pantry. She said she didn’t know how he’d gotten the food since he couldn’t drive, but she assumed he took it with him when she yeast infection images put him in the uber to carson city.

The lyfe recovery facilities use a program called one step yeast infection images to log their client’s information upon intake which includes names, next of kin, emergency contacts, medication lists, and more. His son was listed in one step, but no one thought to check or attempt contact while yeast infection images figuring out where to place joe, according to payne.

Johna smith was, until this past spring, the director of operations for lyfe recovery and now runs yeast infection images the las vegas houses that were in payne’s program as part of a new business after payne yeast infection images decided to give up lyfe recovery’s holdings in southern nevada.

“there were a lot of issues (with lyfe recovery),” said smith. “one of which was the fact that the house managers yeast infection images weren’t properly entering the intake information. I had to fly up there twice specifically to deal yeast infection images with the issue, and I kept telling stacey ‘they’re not putting in medication, they’re not putting in emergency contact information.’ it was dangerous.”

Despite these interventions, however, something extremely important fell through the cracks related to joe: his medication lists were never updated, and when he arrived to the edmonds house in carson yeast infection images city, the house manager, daniel arnold, had no idea what to do with him.