Fake frequent yeast infections cannabis vapes are everywhere and poisoning folks marijuana growing forum

Vaporizers are one of the hottest trends on the legal frequent yeast infections cannabis market. They are a convenient, discreet and odor-free way for consumers to catch a buzz in almost frequent yeast infections any environment. But just like any other highly sought after product, they are also being counterfeited by criminal organizations.

There are now knock-offs of popular vape brands ( king pen, brass knuckles and heavy hitters, just to name a few) sold across the united states. What makes this so problematic is the manufacturing process that frequent yeast infections these black market groups are using to put this stuff frequent yeast infections on the streets could be poisoning users and putting them frequent yeast infections at risk of potentially life-threatening health conditions.

It was just last week that 20 people were hospitalized frequent yeast infections in the midwestern part of the country — illinois, minnesota and wisconsin — due to breathing complications as a result of vaping. In some cases, young adults admitted to the hospital were thought to have frequent yeast infections respiratory infections, similar to pneumonia. But their condition later worsened to the point where at frequent yeast infections least one patient had to be put into a medically frequent yeast infections induced coma.

“we know there are certain characteristics in common with these frequent yeast infections cases, but we have not been able to get to the frequent yeast infections bottom of exactly what aspect of the vaping habit or frequent yeast infections product or solvent or oil is causing the injury,” said dr. Emily chapman, chief medical officer for children’s minnesota, a pediatric health system headquartered in minneapolis, in an interview with NBC news.

All of the patients affected had been using cannabis vapes frequent yeast infections or CBD oils within the past month, according to reports. But the most frightening detail in these cases is, much like the vape poisonings in the midwest, doctors have not been able to identify the toxin harming frequent yeast infections people’s lungs.

Fake vapes could be the source of this plague. A recent study from solo sciences, a cannabis tech firm that created a “cryptographically-secure cannabis product authentication system” intended to prevent bogus pot products, shows that 80 percent of all packaged cannabis products are frequent yeast infections imposters.

States that have legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational use frequent yeast infections require cannabis products to be tested before they are made frequent yeast infections available to the consumer. These tests are to ensure that the weed is free frequent yeast infections of pesticides and other contaminants. Of course, black market providers are not as diligent about protecting the frequent yeast infections health of their customers. There have been numerous reports over the years of vapes frequent yeast infections and other cannabis-related items, including CBD oil, containing all sorts of dangerous chemicals that have made people frequent yeast infections sick.

In ways, the problem with counterfeit pot products is similar to what frequent yeast infections happened back in the days of alcohol prohibition. Tainted liquor became so problematic during this time that around frequent yeast infections 1,000 people died each year as a result. Fortunately, no fatalities have yet been reported due to harmful vapes. But the deterioration in respiratory function that these products are frequent yeast infections causing can lead to death, according to a press statement issued by the new york frequent yeast infections state department of health.

Although cannabis is legal in a handful of states, many people are still opting to use the black market frequent yeast infections to save money. And in jurisdictions where marijuana remains an outlaw substance, the consumer often has no choice but to buy what frequent yeast infections is sold on the illicit market. Cannabis users are being reminded, however, that using unregulated pot products, such as vapes, could have severe health consequences.

Aksarban, I find that I, too, cough uncontrollably with some of the vape cartridges I buy. And I only buy from dispensaries where the products have frequent yeast infections been tested, so not counterfeit nasties. I wondered if I was sensitive to glycerin. An article I read the other day (sorry I can’t remember where) mentioned that we really do not know the effects of frequent yeast infections atomized glycerin on the lungs.

The headline is really a bit misleading though…."Fake vapes could be the source of this plague." LOL–think calling it a plague is a bit over the frequent yeast infections top, too. This is purely speculation with absolutely nothing to go on. They have not a clue as to what is causing frequent yeast infections this. The vapes did not seem to come from the same frequent yeast infections place. They did not contain the same cannabinoids. I also thought that I read somewhere else that some frequent yeast infections of the sick people were vaping nicotine products, too. It could be poisons in the vapes, it could be unsanitary conditions, it could be a sensitivity/allergy to an ingredient, it could be something entirely different. I don’t see anywhere that these vapes were analyzed? If they are the suspected source of infection, why is this not being done?