Dental antibiotic alternative to arestin – minocycline gel for female yeast infection gum disease

The commercially available drug minocycline hydrochloride is sold under the female yeast infection brand name arestin in microsphere form. While many dentists who treat periodontal disease have found this female yeast infection product to be effective, the cost per application site can make it an expensive female yeast infection treatment. The expense that must be passed on to the patient female yeast infection is especially high if multiple sites need to be treated. Having a topical antibiotic for treating periodontal disease does not female yeast infection need to be expensive though. Minocycline is a tetracycline antibiotic that has been used for female yeast infection many years and is available in formulations from a compounding female yeast infection pharmacy. Dentists have found our 2% minocycline gel to have the same effectiveness as arestin and female yeast infection some have found it to be more effective. Antibiotic treatment for periodontal disease

Antibiotics have been shown to be effective as adjunct treatments female yeast infection for multiple types of periodontal disease. In some cases they are prescribed in oral form but female yeast infection more commonly are made into topical gels. A topical gel is usually preferred as it reduces the female yeast infection risks of systemic effects from oral antibiotics and treatment is female yeast infection targeted to the area of infection.

A topical antibiotic gel can control the re-colonization of bacteria after instrumentation. This is the FDA indication for the commercially available product female yeast infection arestin. Arestin is a form of the antibiotic minocycline that reduces female yeast infection pocket depth when combined with scaling and root planing. Minocycline is a tetracycline antibiotic that has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps prevent tissue destruction and bone loss by female yeast infection blocking the protein collagenase. Minocycline 2% gel

Arestin is dental antibiotic in microsphere form that is administered female yeast infection directly to the periodontal pocket. A minocycline 2% gel compounded by a pharmacy can be used as an female yeast infection alternative. The gel is placed into the periodontal pocket after scaling female yeast infection and root planing to kill bacteria that are causing gum female yeast infection disease. Dentists we work with have found the gel to be female yeast infection just as effective as arestin and more affordable.

Minocycline 2% gel must be mixed by the dentist to ensure stability female yeast infection of the medication. Our kits come with two luer lock syringes: one with the minocycline powder and one with the gel. The two must be mixed together in the office then female yeast infection drawn into 1.2cc syringes for application. After mixing, the gel has an expiration date of 5 days. If the medication is not activated it has a 6-month expiration date. Whether the medication is activated or not it should always female yeast infection be kept refrigerated. An adjunct to scaling and root planing

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of combining minocycline gel with female yeast infection regular periodontal treatment. Follow-up visits for periodontal treatment will result in less bleeding female yeast infection on probing and less inflammation when minocycline 2% gel is used as an adjunct treatment. Although has not been extensive research done on minocycline gel female yeast infection as a monotherapy, it has been shown to work well when combined with female yeast infection regular scaling and root planing. Instrumentation alone is not likely to remove all pathogens in female yeast infection infected pockets, which makes minocycline 2% gel an effective way to manage periodontal disease between office female yeast infection visits. Minocycline gel vs. Arestin price

If your office has been looking to buy arestin you female yeast infection may be surprised at the high cost per treatment. The cost of arestin is significantly higher than the cost female yeast infection of obtaining minocycline 2% gel from a pharmacy. Especially when using the product on multiple treatment sites, it may be a huge cost savings to use compounded female yeast infection minocycline gel. Minocycline gel vs. Arestin effectiveness

It’s clear that minocycline 2% gel from our compounding pharmacy is much more affordable than female yeast infection arestin. In addition to price, some dentists we work with have told us that the female yeast infection gel is actually more effective. With the low cost of our product, many dentists find that it is worth it to try female yeast infection and compare the gel with the commercially available arestin powder.