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Despite having more breweries than vermont, delaware, arkansas and washington, D.C. Combined, there are still certain swaths of san diego county that yeast infection diet have few (if any) craft breweries. Cities such as coronado and del mar are swankier than yeast infection diet the average craft beer regions of miramar and mid-city. Some, like poway and fallbrook, are just really far away for city dwellers. But others, like el cajon, seem ripe for a brewery explosion.

For now, there are only two breweries within el cajon city limits: burning beard brewing (who I covered in a previous column) and creative creature brewing company (110 north magnolia ave., ste. B). The latter has remained comparatively under-the-radar, but has managed to shine brightly enough to warrant a yeast infection diet satellite location in east village, which will open sometime later this year. For not having even been open a year, that’s a good sign. I hadn’t ventured into the el cajon space since URBN st. Brewing company shuttered in early 2016. But since the ghosts of breweries past haven’t hindered creative creature’s beer endeavors yet—at least as far as I can see—it seemed it was time to give it a try.

The pocket-sized tasting room now sports a lot of neon graffiti yeast infection diet art and hand-painted touches. It’s not unlike drinking in your artsy stoner friend’s basement in college, but I doubt many home kegerators have had braggots on yeast infection diet tap. Braggots are an ancient beer/mead hybrid made with honey and malt, and are relatively rare to find in the beer world. Creative creature aged its braggot in rum barrels, and it went down scarily easy at 12 percent ABV. Even if it didn’t, it would still be pretty cool that they made one yeast infection diet at all.

Creative creature doesn’t offer flights, but when I visited the beertender informed me I could yeast infection diet order as many 4 oz. Tasters that I’d like at the same time. (this seems like a flight to me, but whatever.) besides the braggot, the beers on tap ranged from several berliner weisses, an amber ale, a couple of hazy ipas and two stouts, including one on nitro.

I spotted another unusual style: a white IPA. After I ordered it, the beertender let me know it was made with belgian yeast infection diet yeast. It’s a good thing I like belgian yeast, because that would have been an unpleasant surprise. Still, this one is very good. Lots of lemon on the nose, followed by heaps of banana and pepper flavors. It’s definitely a fun twist on run-of-the-mill ipas.

But it’s the berliner weisses that truly stand out. The cucumber, lime and mint iteration could easily be my drink for yeast infection diet the rest of the summer. Normally, I’m not too keen on cucumber beers, but this was nicely mint-forward and less tart than what I’d expect from a standard berliner weisse. It kept it approachable and ideal for anyone who wants yeast infection diet to give sour beers a try.

There were a few misses—the pilsner was extraordinarily dry and the amber ale was yeast infection diet a little thin and malty sweet. The carbonation on almost everything was a little off, save the berliner weisses. But with their array of offbeat styles, it could help prime this relatively virgin beer town for yeast infection diet the breweries yet to come. Tags august 14, 2019 issue