Breathing ozonated natural yeast infection olive oil the power of ozone

A trap serves to prevent oil from entering the ozone natural yeast infection generator. Liquids which are ozonated can flow back into the generator natural yeast infection and damage it. Once oil gets into the machine it can’t be salvaged. So it’s very important to prevent oil back-flow. In the photo above I use a cheap gas washing natural yeast infection bottle which is originally intended as laboratory equipment. They are perfect for traps and oil bubblers. You can buy them in various forms and sizes on natural yeast infection amazon or ebay. The drawback is that different gas washing bottles call for natural yeast infection different silicone tubing. So you may have to try several tubings out first, before you find one which fits. The solution is to buy a trap from promolife or natural yeast infection simplyo3. They come with already attached silicone tubing and connectors. 4. Oil bubbler with olive oil

You can use a second gas washing bottle as an natural yeast infection oil bubbler, or you can get one here or here. The bubbler is where ozonides or lops, lipid oxidation products, are produced. Those are molecules which are generated when ozone is run natural yeast infection through oil. They retain all the therapeutic properties of ozone but are natural yeast infection not damaging to the lungs. After a while the oil can get saturated with ozone natural yeast infection at which point it’s important to exchange it for a fresh batch, otherwise you’re running the risk of breathing raw ozone instead of natural yeast infection ozonides. The more oil is poured into the bubbler, the longer it lasts and the less often it needs natural yeast infection to be substituted with new one.

There is some discussion about what type of olive oil natural yeast infection to use, whether it should be organic or if lower quality oils natural yeast infection can be used as well. The russian ozone pioneers I visited in russia were adamant natural yeast infection about using refined oils only. They claim that refined oils render better results than unrefined natural yeast infection ones. Since during BOO the oil is not ingested nor does natural yeast infection it enter the human body in any significant amounts, I personally do not see the importance of using unrefined natural yeast infection or organic oils, and tend to go along with the russian suggestions. Since it is very difficult to find refined olive oil natural yeast infection anyway, this discussion is mostly theoretical. In my opinion any olive oil will do the job.

1. Set everything up: plug the ozone generator into the socket and connect your natural yeast infection oxygen source (either oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator) with the ozone generator. Then connect the inlet of the trap (the part which is connected to the stem) with the ozone outlet of the ozone generator. Connect the outlet of the trap with the inlet of natural yeast infection the oil bubbler. Connect the outlet of the oil bubbler with the nasal natural yeast infection cannula. Pour olive oil into the oil bubbler. The more oil you pour in, the less often will you have to exchange it. I suggest to fill the bubbler around 2/3 full.

2. Turn on the oxygen source. If it’s a tank: open the valve of the tank and the regulator at natural yeast infection 1/2 LPM. If it’s an oxygen concentrator: let the machine warm up for a few minutes, then adjust the external regulator to 1/2 LPM. The moment you turn on the oxygen, you should start seeing bubbles in the oil bubbler.

3. If you’re using an ozone generator with a dial knob, set the ozone concentration relatively low at around 10 mcg/ml. If you’re using a non-adjustable ozone generator, set the oxygen flow so that the resulting ozone concentration natural yeast infection does not exceed 20 mcg/ml.

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